James Owens, Master (President) of the Maine State Grange announces that the 137th Annual Session of the Maine State Grange will be held October 20-23 at the Skowhegan Community Center in Skowhegan.
 Approximately 145 Granges from across the state will send two delegates to debate resolutions and policies on many subjects ranging from replacing the State of Maine Board of Corrections to making all trash bags biodegradable.  They will also work on several resolutions dealing with a wide variety of internal issues.  Resolutions passed at the convention will become policy of the Maine State Grange and some will be lobbied for at the Maine State Legislature.  Those pertaining to national policies will be sent on to the National Grange Session to be held in November in Charlotte, North Carolina where delegates from across the country will consider them.
 Many awards will be presented to Granges and individuals including membership, publicity, and community