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James Owens, Master (President) of the Maine State Grange announces that the 137th Annual Session of the Maine State Grange will be held October 20-23 at the Skowhegan Community Center in Skowhegan.
 Approximately 145 Granges from across the state will send two delegates to debate resolutions and policies on many subjects ranging from replacing the State of Maine Board of Corrections to making all trash bags biodegradable.  They will also work on several resolutions dealing with a wide variety of internal issues.  Resolutions passed at the convention will become policy of the Maine State Grange and some will be lobbied for at the Maine State Legislature.  Those pertaining to national policies will be sent on to the National Grange Session to be held in November in Charlotte, North Carolina where delegates from across the country will consider them.
 Many awards will be presented to Granges and individuals including membership, publicity, and community service.  Plaques will also be presented to the Grange Farm Family of the Year and Tree Farmer of the Year.
 This is also an opportunity for Granger from across the state to show their talents in the annual art and photo contest.  This year the Junior Grange Department is sponsoring a gourd growing contest.
 The Fifth Degree will be conferred on Thursday evening under the direction of Vernon Dunn of Mill Stream Grange.  On Friday, will be the annual conferral of the Sixth Degree, by the officers of the Maine State Grange, featuring a Rose Drill under the direction of Yvonne Johnson of Cape Elizabeth Grange.  Also on Friday evening Dan Bascom, Priest Archon from New Hampshire will be the featured guest for the convention and will be the speaker on Friday evening.
 Saturday activates will be in charge of the youth ages 14 to 35, and juniors ages 5 to 13.  This will include presentation of awards and announcements by Youth and Junior Director, Sue Hackett.  Also on Saturday the Educational Aid and Howe’s Nurses Scholarships committees will present scholarships to ten individuals.
 All five candidates for governor have been invited to speak during the session and as of today only Paul LePage and Shawn Moody have accepted.  Throughout the convention attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a straw poll for governor, congressional races and the three ballot questions.  Results of the straw poll will be announced on Saturday. 
 The Grange is America’s Family Fraternity, founded in 1867 to help the farmers after the Civil War.  Today the Grange continues to be active in agricultural issues, and focus on Community Service in the communities that the serve.  Grange members live their lives through the principals of faith, hope, charity, and fidelity.  For more information about the Grange visit our website or call the Maine State Grange at 1-800-464-3421.

Events, News